Becoming a real estate agent is scary, yet exciting at the same time. Being an agent involves risk, patience, and faith. It’s not for everyone. There are so many things that you must know, but there are even more characteristics that you must possess naturally.
The first and foremost quality that a person must have is the ability to take no for an answer. There will be more no’s than yeses. Always. Just keep trudging along. Take that no as a, “Not right now.” Don’t ever let that lead go. That person may change their mind or know someone that will need your services someday. There’s a fine line between building and nurturing a relationship and bugging someone to death. Don’t be that agent. Take that no and understand that it’s not the bottom line; it’s just a not now.
The second most important quality is the ability to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to tell the dentist what you do. Give the waiter at the restaurant a card. Tell the postman that you are starting a business. BUILD those relationships. Tell those church members that you need their help in spreading the word about your business and who you are. They know someone that needs you. I promise! Referrals are life!
The third and fourth qualities that you must possess are patience and perseverance. Patience is a virtue that many “go-getters” have trouble with. Me included. I want things to happen quickly and without hiccups. That rarely happens. When I was a young mother, I was very anxious and impatient. If there was something I needed to do and the baby wouldn’t go to sleep; I would get impatient. The baby always knew. If I had focused on the task at hand and nurtured my baby, she would have drifted right off. That’s exactly the way a relationship with a client, lender, home inspector, or pest control company works. Don’t be impatient! Relax. Breathe. Things will happen, but not always on your schedule. Your anxiety spreads like wildfire to all of those involved. It can cause cracks in your relationship, not to mention, anger and resentment.
Faith is a fundamental part of my life. I have faith in God, first and foremost. I have faith in others. I have faith in myself. Some call ¬it confidence. The danger of confidence is that you can become boastful and arrogant. Faith is based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. You must always do the best that you can. Have faith in your abilities and the abilities of others to do the job correctly.
Becoming a real estate agent is the best decision I’ve made for my professional AND my personal life. Why? Because it’s not a JOB. It’s a lifestyle. I can continue to be me. Outgoing, social, caring and compassionate. I make new friends every single day! Work shouldn’t feel like work. It should be a continuation of what you do on a normal basis. So, get out there! Don’t be afraid. Take the chance. There are so many rewards!